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What We Do



We are able to purchase converters by the piece or estimate the metals contained in the whole cans on behalf of the customer. Our decanning and sampling procedures allow the customer to fully understand the value of his converters and we supply the necessary knowledge and experience to help estimate and hedge the metals contained before cutting and sampling. We offer a diverse range of purchasing and hedging programs and we are happy to discuss the program that best suites the individual supplier. Techemet has over 26 years of purchasing experience, allow us to show you how to minimize your purchasing risks.



Need help with converter values? You’ve come to the right place. We have catalogued over 40 000 individual catalytic converters and can help you value any converter that was ever made. We offer on line as well as on site converter recognition training and even offer on line buying tools to help ease the confusion of buying so many different types of converters. Our representatives are available to do on site training at the suppliers premises if so desired.



The alternative to selling converters on an as is basis is to have your material toll refined. This involves setting up a toll refining agreement with Techemet for either whole converters or the loose catalyst that has been removed from the converter shell. The essence of a toll refining agreement is that your material is sampled and assayed to determine the amount of Pt, Pd & Rh present and then once the assay is finalized between Techemet and the supplier, the metal can be sold by the supplier at a date and time of their choosing. While toll agreements are standard across the board, certain terms and conditions can be tailored to meet the needs of the supplier.



Techemet has an in house metal trading department. We are able to quote spot or forward prices as well as settle on the London fix. The supplier has the ability to hedge material in advance of delivery to minimize his risk with regards to market fluctuations. Our trading team buys and sells metal from a range of suppliers and customers and Techemet is able to enter into metal supply contracts for buying and selling of all precious metals.

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